E-conveyancing – What does it mean?

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E-conveyancing – What does it mean?

The traditional approach to conveyancing translates to, legal processes relevant to the buying of or selling of a property. This style of conveyancing typically involves a significant paper trail with the parties having to attend a physical settlement.

E-Conveyancing, refers to the same process, however, the process is completed electronically meaning a reduction in time, cost and paper work, which benefits all parties involved.

Certified MemberPEXA – The future of conveyancing…… now at Olsen Lawyers

PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) is leading the way in e-conveyancing. The benefits that come from this relevant to our clients are first and foremost:

  • increased levels of confidence, knowing that transactions occur in live time due to a more streamlined process;
  • settlement on time, greater confidence that your settlement will take place as required, letting you take ownership of your new property sooner;
  • increased client satisfaction and security, knowing that transfer of ownership of your new property takes place instantly; and
  • physical settlements and bank cheques are no longer required, this translates to our client’s saving both time and money.

PEXA makes the process of buying or selling a property or multiple properties easier for our clients, which is why the team at Olsen Lawyers are welcoming of such an advantage in the field of conveyancing. We look forward to offering such technological advantages to our clients, in combination with our client focused approach when assisting with matters of conveyancing.

Competitively priced e-conveyancing

The benefit of e-conveyancing relates to the value add of a reduction in time and cost. This ensures additional transparency allowing our clients to set a budget for the purchase of their new property, giving additional peace of mind. Don’t forget, you get what you pay for. Is it worth the risk of using a price focused conveyancing firm for potentially one of the most important investments of your life?

Olsen Lawyers are now PEXA registered and ready to complete your conveyance electronically for a competitive fixed fee. Please contact us here or call our office today on (07) 3846 5288 or admin@olsenlawyers.com.au should you wish to know more about e-conveyancing or if we can assist you with your conveyance.

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