Do I Need a Liquor Licence

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Do I Need a Liquor Licence

Do I need a Liquor Licence and if so… which one?

One regularly asked question is do I need a liquor licence? If you (or your business) wish to sell liquor, then a license is generally required. The liquor industry is regulated. In Queensland there are a number of liquor licences available including:

Queensland government liquor(1) Commercial hotel licence

This licence allows the sale of alcohol typically at a tavern or hotel. This licence may also allow the sale of liquor at a detached premises (i.e. bottle shops, online sales & home delivery etc).

(2) Commercial special facility licence

Typically used for convention centres, airports and casinos.

(3) Commercial other licence

This licence type includes 5 sub-categories which are:

  • Subsidiary on-premises licence; allows the sale of liquor as a secondary function. This usually includes motels, function centres and cafes or restaurants.
  • Subsidiary off-premises licence; typically allows the sale of liquor off premises as a secondary function. This usually includes businesses such as florists i.e. sale of gift parcels.
  • Canteen licence; is required when your main function is the sale of liquor to employees in a remote industrial locality.
  • Producer/Wholesaler licence; when your business produces liquor or wholesales to other licensed premises.
  • Bar licence; when selling liquor at a bar venue no more than 60 people.

(4) Community club and community other licence

For non-proprietary clubs and limited trading such as charities.

(5) Nightclub licence

Used when your main function is live entertainment (also allows for extended hours).

(6) Wine licences

For wine producers or wine merchants (including the blending of wines, sale of wine and wine sampling).

Frequently asked questions:

Q.  Do I need a liquor licence to deliver liquor?
A.  Yes, you will require a liquor license for the sale and delivery of liquor.

Q.  I only plan on selling liquor short term, do I still need a license?
A.  Yes, in the vast majority of circumstances a liquor licence is required regardless of the duration of sale.

Q.  I’m only planning on selling liquor as a once off event such as a fund raiser or charity event, do I still need a licence?
A.  A liquor licence is usually required even if only for a once off event. However, there are some limited exceptions such as; if the sale of liquor is merely ancillary and all proceeds will be used for the benefit of the community by a non-profit entity.

Q.  Can I sell liquor online in Queensland?
A.  Irrespective of whether you are selling privately (i.e. Ebay) or conducting an online business, you will generally require a liquor licence.

Please note that the law is constantly changing and this article is only valid as at 26 June 2020. Each set of facts and circumstances requires its own unique approach. If you would like to obtain a liquor licence or have any questions regarding liquor licences such as the type of licence that’s right for you, please contact Olsen Lawyers on (07) 3846 5288.

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